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Our trip to Cadbury World

Well what a day!

We have learned so many things, all the way from learning about Aztec life right through to learning how chocolate is made and watching it  roll off the production line at Cadbury’s factory in Bournville.

We even saw a lady making chocolate shoes! We tried writing our name in liquid chocolate, we drank liquid chocolate and discovered how they put soft centre fillings in chocolates!

Fascinating! A quick poll on the way back, who would go back to Cadbury World? 100%  of the children voted yes!!!!!


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Ask George Cadbury…

Today we have been learning why it was so good to work for the Cadbury family in the 1800’s. George Cadbury himself tried to persuade us to work for him!

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What would you ask George Cadbury about life as a Cadbury worker in the 1800’s ?

Just Cadbury’s?

We have all heard of Cadbury’s chocolate, but can you name any other famous chocolate manufacturers?


We start our new topic next week on CHOCOLATE!!!

What do you already know about chocolate?

What would you like to know about chocolate?

Enquiry question for this week…..

Why is the sea salty?