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An interview with Sone Aluko (audio)

Click the link to hear a very good audio of the interview with Sone Aluko.

Very impressive stuff, so please leave a comment afterwards!

### Click here to hear an interview with Sone Aluko ###




pictures of Sone Aluko’s visit to our class.

Here  are some pictures from Sone Aluko’s visit to our classroom yesterday.


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More pictures will be uploaded to

if you could……..

ask a Premier League footballer ONE question, what would it be?

the earth in space

Well we started a new topic in science this afternoon all about the earth in space. It’s going to be a really interesting topic.
We even got chance to have a quick look on the NASA website. Loads of fun and interesting facts on there.

We were wondering which planet is nearest to us?
how long would it take to travel to the moon on a jumbo jet?

Enquiry questions for our topic on the Tudors

Well we are just starting our topic on Tudor times and these are some of the things that we would like to find out:-

Hannah and Faith – what did the Tudors do for entertainment?

Keanu and Angel – How many people were put to death in the time of Henry VIII?

Faith – Why weren’t girls educated in Tudor times?

 Liam – Did the Tudors play any kind of sports?

Katy – What did rich and poor people wear?

Hannah – What is the main difference between Tudor tennis and modern tennis?

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Tudor Roses

We have made Tudor roses to decorate our topic books.

What do you think?


Our New Year Resolutions

We have been talking about our New Year resolutions this morning and here are a few that we would like to share.

Nicole – to improve my handwriting.
Faith – to do something for charity this year.
Hannah – to keep my bedroom tidy enough to get in it!
Keanu – to be nicer to my sister.
Liam – to be a better goalkeeper.
Jess – to waste less water.
Ellis – to stop biting my nails.
Lucy – to help with the washing up more often.
Tyreace – to recycle more.
Kahya – to make sure my pets stay healthy.
Josh – to be helpful to older people.

What resolutions did you make? Leave a comment to share them with us….