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The last post…

Well it’s been a year full of ups and downs, highs and lows rights and wrongs but we started our learning journey together and we are ending it together.

So to come full circle, our first post was a class photo and our last post is also a class photo.

5T, it’s been a great year……thank you and best wishes to you all. Have a good Summer holiday and play safely!

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The real olympic torch opens our sports day!

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Dr Bridge came to Broadmeadow to open our sports day. He was chosen to run a section of the Olympic relay on 30th June. He told us all about the torch, how it was made and what the experience of running the relay was like.


Singing superstars!

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3 of our class members were lucky enough to sing in the world famous Birmingham Symphony Hall last night with the Birmingham Schools Primary Choir.

Superb singing from all 300 members of the choir, but a very late finish though!

Olympic torch