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more pics of our trip to Selly Manor

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Live blogging from trip to Selly Manor

So far on our trip we have learned loads of things about Tudors.

Ellis – we have leant about what Tudors like to eat.

Tyreace-2 pence every month if you work on the farm

Adel – it takes 8 hours to cook a pig

Liam-They had to grow their food

Jess: We learnt that Tudor children only went to school if they were boys and were rich.

Lucy: We learnt that a small cup full of sugar was £200.

josh – the tudors drank lots of beer, so did the children.

Lots of things so far! Wonder what we will learn this afternoon?

Enquiry questions for our topic on the Tudors

Well we are just starting our topic on Tudor times and these are some of the things that we would like to find out:-

Hannah and Faith – what did the Tudors do for entertainment?

Keanu and Angel – How many people were put to death in the time of Henry VIII?

Faith – Why weren’t girls educated in Tudor times?

 Liam – Did the Tudors play any kind of sports?

Katy – What did rich and poor people wear?

Hannah – What is the main difference between Tudor tennis and modern tennis?

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